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Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K HDR (2017)

Mã sản phẩm: Stick

Nhà sản xuất:

990.000₫ 1.450.000₫

Bảo hành: Đang cập nhập

Đánh giá:

-Hàng nguyên seal, ship từ amazon .

-Có kèm remove hỗ trợ tìm kiếm bằng giọng nói.

-Có trợ lý alexa, hỗ trợ công việc, lịch

-Tích hợp sâu các dịch vụ của amazon như mu

Danh mục: All

Từ khóa:

Fire TV Stick kết nối HDTV của bạn với một thế giới giải trí trực tuyến. Cho dù bạn có phải là thành viên Prime hay không, hãy thưởng thức rất nhiều bộ phim và tập phim truyền hình, tìm kiếm bằng giọng nói thực sự hoạt động và các tính năng độc quyền như ASAP. Fire TV Stick là một cách dễ dàng để thưởng thức Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, cho thuê phim giá rẻ, thể thao trực tiếp và theo yêu cầu, âm nhạc, hình ảnh, trò chơi, v.v.
What is Fire TV Stick 


Fire TV Stick combines all your favorite subscriptions and streaming services with Amazon's massive selection of digital content. Watch over 250,000 TV episodes and movies, rent videos from just 99 cents, or kick back with your favorite sports, news, music, and games. Eligible customers get a free 30-day trial of Netflix and Amazon Prime when they purchase Fire TV Stick. Additional payments such as subscription fees or affiliated video subscriptions may be required to access certain content on certain channels (for example, HBO GO, Netflix, and WatchESPN). Participating television providers only; some channels may not be available in every market Fire TV Stick is sold. See more

Fire TV Stick Apps 

Fire TV Stick Games



New features on Fire TV Stick

Connect to your hotel or dorm room Wi-Fi with captive portal support—Take your favorite movies, TV shows, games, and more with you when you’re away from home. Fire TV Stick enables you to connect to Wi-Fi that requires web authentication—this includes Wi-Fi at most major hotels, as well as some universities.


Browse and search Prime Playlists—Prime members can now take advantage of Prime Music playlists directly from Fire TV Stick—there are hundreds of expertly curated Prime Playlists to choose from based on your mood, activity, artist or decade of choice.


Hidden PIN entry—With the new PIN entry screen that hides the numbers selected, you can now make sure your kids can’t see your device PIN as you enter it on-screen to confirm a purchase.


New shortcuts—Quickly put your Fire TV Stick to sleep or enable display mirroring by pressing and holding the Home button on your remote.


Get even more entertainment with Prime Instant Video

It's always Prime time

Fire TV Stick is the best way to experience Prime Instant Video. Prime members enjoy unlimited, commercial-free streaming of tens of thousands of popular movies and TV shows including The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Downton Abbey, World War Z, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and more.

The HBO Collection on Prime Instant Video:Amazon is home to award-winning shows from HBO like The Sopranos, The Wire, Band of Brothers, andThe Pacific.

30-day FREE Trial

Eligible customers can try Amazon Prime for 30 days for free. In addition to unlimited streaming of Prime Instant Video titles, Prime benefits include free two-day shipping on millions of items, and free books to read each month through Kindle First and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

Easy to find Prime content

Prime entertainment on Fire TV Stick is just a click away. Simply select Prime Video on the Home screen's Main Menu and browse your favorite Prime TV shows and movies sorted by category or say “Prime only” as part of your voice search to filter results.




Built for speed

From the responsive interface to instant search results, everything about Fire TV Stick is fast and fluid. It’s all thanks to a dual-core processor with 6x the processing power of Roku Streaming Stick, a dedicated VideoCore4 GPU, and 8 GB of storage—4x that of Chromecast and 32x that of Roku Streaming Stick.

Stunning video. Vibrant Dolby sound.

With Fire TV Stick, you can stream movies and TV shows in up to 1080p HD. With Dolby Audio, enjoy rich cinematic surround sound, consistent quality and desired volume level, up to 7.1, via HDMI or optical out.

Immediate video start with ASAP

You shouldn’t have to wait 10 seconds for a video to buffer every time you press “Play.” ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction) for Amazon Instant Video learns what movies and shows you like and gets them ready for you to watch. The more you use Fire TV Stick, the more accurate ASAP becomes, dynamically adapting to your viewing habits.


Fire TV Stick arrives pre-registered to your Amazon account and sets up in minutes. 

Dedicated remote, easy navigation, intuitive recommendations—everything about Fire TV Stick is simple.

Easy access with dedicated remote and mobile app

Don’t worry about a phone call or email interrupting your favorite show—the Amazon Fire TV Remote is a dedicated device with all the controls you need to search, watch, navigate, and play games, with no line of sight is required. Or use your mobile phone to navigate—the free Fire TV Remote App is available for Fire, Android, and iOS phones.

Fast, fluid interface

Fire TV Stick’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find what you want. Browse popular movies, shows, and recommendations personalized for you right on your home screen, and instantly add new discoveries to your Watchlist with a single click. Any content you’ve purchased from Amazon will be waiting for you in your Video Library. Access sleep and display mirroring controls conveniently from the system shortcuts screen.



Turn every room into an entertainment center

Bring the world of online entertainment to any HDTV in your house. Fire TV Stick is so easy to connect to any HDTV, you can move it from room to room. Cook alongside your favorite chef in the kitchen, or watch a tear-jerker while snuggled in bed.

Take it with you on the go

Take Fire TV Stick with you and never miss an episode while you’re away from home. Fire TV Stick works with HDTVs in hotels, college dorms, or anywhere with captive portal Internet access that requires entering a password or a log-in.


Affordable, easy gaming on your HDTV

Pay less, play more

Enjoy best-selling titles like You Don't Know Jack,The Game of Life, Flappy Birds Family, and more using Amazon Fire TV Remote as the controller. Many are free, and paid games start from just 99 cents. 

Developers-want to bring your game to Fire TV Stick? Learn more

Next level gaming with Amazon Fire TV

Choose from a broader selection of high performance games with Amazon Fire TV and the Amazon Fire Game Controller—a dedicated wireless game controller designed to take you deeper into the action. Sold separately or get them both in the Amazon Fire TV Gamers Bundle

Learn more about gaming with Amazon Fire TV 


Fire TV Stick


Less searching, more watching. Use voice search to instantly find TV shows, movies, games, and more.

Voice search on the Fire TV Remote App

Download the Fire TV Remote App to instantly search TV shows, movies, actors, and genres using just your voice—no more typing with your remote to find what you want. The app is supported on many Android phones and tablets, iOS phones and tablets, Fire Phone, and Fire HDX & Fire HD tablets with microphones. 

Voice search on Fire TV Stick is powered by the same voice search engine as Amazon Fire TV and is supported for the entirety of Amazon’s video, app, and game catalog, plus for Hulu Plus, Crackle, Vevo and Showtime Anytime. We will continue to integrate additional content partners over time. Note that voice search does not work directly inside individual applications, like Netflix. 

feature-appstore-logos-amazon.jpg feature-appstore-logos-android.jpg feature-appstore-logos-apple.jpg 

Voice search is also available with the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote (sold separately).


Stream your favorite tunes

There are millions of songs available to stream to Fire TV Stick through Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Prime Music. You can also access your entire Amazon Music library, so you can enjoy any albums and songs you’ve previously purchased from Amazon. Exit to the home screen at any time and keep the music going while you share photos or play games—Fire TV Stick will keep you updated with what's playing each time a new song starts. With Prime Music, access Prime Playlists and listen ad-free to over a million songs from top artists. 

If you want to stream music to your home theater system, choose Amazon Fire TV with optical audio out. 



Make your big-screen debut

Relive memories on the big screen with family and friends. Fire TV Stick makes it easy to view slide shows, photos, and personal videos you've saved in the cloud. You can even set favorite albums as your screen saver.

Sync photos from all your devices

With Fire TV stick photos or videos you take on your phone or tablet can be automatically uploaded to Amazon Cloud Drive, so they appear on your HDTV. Prime now includes free storage in Amazon Cloud Drive for your entire photo collection.




Instantly explore your favorite movies and TV shows

Use X-Ray on Fire TV Stick to explore your favorite movies and TV shows on Amazon Instant Video. Powered by IMDb, you can identify actors and songs in the current scene, explore actor bios and character backstories, see related trivia and even jump to your favorite scene or skip opening credits. 

While watching your favorite show, simply press the "Up" button on your Fire TV Stick remote to quickly answer "Who is that actor?" or "What is that song?" Access even more information about your favorite characters, actors, songs, and even trivia, by clicking "Up" again to access Full Screen X-Ray, right on your TV screen.



Share your tablet or phone screen

Click the “fling” icon on your Fire phone or tablet to send video and audio to your big screen, leaving you free to use your Amazon mobile device for other tasks. Fire TV Stick supports standards like DIAL so you can fling services like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix, from your Android phone or iPhone.

Mirror your tablet or phone on your HDTV

Share whatever is on your screen—including movies, TV shows, music, and photos—from your compatible tablet or phone with everyone in your living room using display mirroring. What you see on your Fire OS or Android device is exactly what you’ll see on your big screen. Includes support for devices from Motorola, LG, and Google without any additional apps or software.


  compchart-device-m._V322536903_.png compchart-device-chromecast-v2._V3204615 compchart-device-rokustick._V322536897_. compchart-device-appletv._V340338705_.pn
  Fire TV Stick Google Chromecast Roku Streaming Stick Apple TV
List Price $39 $35 $49 $69
Remote Included compchart-checkmark.png   compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png
Processor Dual-core Single-core Single-core Single-core
Memory 1 GB 512 MB 512 MB 512 MB
Flash Storage 8 GB 2 GB 256 MB 8 GB
Captive portal (no additional software needed) compchart-checkmark.png      
Miracast™ Certified (Windows 8.1 coming soon) compchart-checkmark.png      
Digital Plus with Audio (Dolby Audio surround sound) compchart-checkmark.png      
Wi-Fi Dual band/Dual antenna (MIMO) Single band Dual band/Dual antenna (MIMO) Dual band/Dual antenna
Voice Search Remote app; voice remote sold separately      
HDMI extender included compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png    
HDMI video out (up to 1080p) compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png
Popular Services        
Netflix compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png
Amazon Instant Video compchart-checkmark.png   compchart-checkmark.png  
Hulu Plus compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png
YouTube compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png
Pandora compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png  
Sling TV compchart-checkmark.png   compchart-checkmark.png  
HBO GO compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png
Fox Sports GO compchart-checkmark.png      
PBS Kids compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png compchart-checkmark.png
WatchESPN compchart-checkmark.png  

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